“Photo Ageing” is a term often used to describe the inevitable effects that sun exposure has on our skin.

UV light from the sun is an essential ‘ingredient’ for a healthy life for very human being. Through millions of years of evolution, people have developed the most effective devices to combat the adverse effects of sun energy, whilst also using this same energy to propel our whole world. The problem developed when people started changing their habitats in a much more rapid way than nature allows through the process of adaptation. This, together with more pollution, an increase in indoor life style and damage to the ozone layers have seen these habitats become even more hazardous.

Humans have a much longer life span now than they have ever had. The increase in our life span has meant that the exposure to adverse elements will have a much stronger cumulative effect by the end of our lives.

Besides the many positive hormonal effects that appropriate sun exposure has on us, it also limits the growth of micro-organisms (infections) and most importantly controls the synthesis of vitamin D. In recent years, Vitamin D has increasingly drawn the attention of modern scientists as it is a hormone, rather than a vitamin, which controls the synthesis of serotonin (the “happy hormone”) in the brain as well as the level of calcium in the body. Recent studies suggest that Vitamin D also controls cholesterol levels, the balance of the immune system and even the metabolism (which ultimately helps in controlling one’s weight). The majority of the modern population that has replaced outdoor living with indoor, “cave” like environments is deficient in Vitamin D. The only way to replenish Vitamin D levels is through regular and adequate exposure to sun. While oral supplementation are available, their success rate in comparison to outdoor exposure renders them ineffective.

Unfortunately sun energy, in particular the UVA & UVB spectrum of light, can also do a lot of bad. Overexposure to the UVA and UVB spectrums cause the adverse effect of premature ageing. The sun’s energy causes inflammation of the skin, which in turn produces more free radicals and the destructive components of inflammation. This will not only slow down the production of healthy collagen, but also destroy the existing collagen, leaving it with reactive oxygen species (ROS) and protein fragments that skin will no longer be able to control and eliminate. The DNA of skin cells will then be damaged and due to this, scientists are proving that cellular and mitochondrial damage, as well as the ageing process will be exponentially increased without many options to reverse it. Pigmentation will set in as a result of chronic inflammation and ROS, but unfortunately won’t have the protective function for which it was ‘designed’.

As much as avoidance of the sun would be a logical suggestion, it isn’t. Avoidance of the sun will deprive us of vitamin D and all its vital benefits as discussed. The only logical solution is moderate exposure with appropriate protection against the sun’s adverse effects. At DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS we have developed an anti-ageing program that will deal with the stimulation of repair on one side and on the other side with protection against harmful UV light spectrums. Our SPF is one of the first and most modern SPF products that protects skin against UVB and UVA. The SPF formula contains actives that will reduce inflammation and the presence of free radicals while protecting the skin at the same time. For most of the skin care industry, sun block is where it both starts and stops. For us it is only one link in the chain of ‘protection’ and the equally important ‘repair’. Our understanding of the problem has led to the introduction of the concept of sun protection that goes beyond just a UV block. Equally important if not even more so is the repair of damaged DNA, prevention and reduction of inflammation and elimination of ROS (reactive oxygen species). For these reasons, in addition to introducing a supreme sun block, DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS brought out a range of advanced serums and hydrating creams that are rich in antioxidants, actives that will induce repair of DNA and have potent anti-inflammatory effects, will help eliminate ROS, as well as control unwanted pigmentation, while still allowing the skin to produce healthy levels of vitamin D.

Our treatment is not just SPF 25, but also a well-designed range of products that are particularly important to use post-sun exposure. As discussed, this is the most important period when you can prevent further damage to skin and its collagen.

DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS is on the cutting edge of combating premature skin ageing and damage.

At last we live in an era of skin care technology where the impossible has become possible, so let’s embrace it!


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